Homero and Claudia had a Romantic Engagement Session in Arteaga Coahuila, we take a road trip to this magical town called San Antonio de las Alazanas. It was a beautiful summer day. Homer and I meet in school, we both worked together in wedding photography industry before, but this time, he is on the spotlight!. The things I like the most about road trips sessions is to discover new places. Here are the pictures:

Romantic Engagement Session in Arteaga

romantic-esession-in-arteaga-jonathan-beiko-wedding-photographer-1 romantic-esession-in-arteaga-jonathan-beiko-wedding-photographer-2 romantic-esession-in-arteaga-jonathan-beiko-wedding-photographer-3 romantic-esession-in-arteaga-jonathan-beiko-wedding-photographer-4 romantic-esession-in-arteaga-jonathan-beiko-wedding-photographer-5 romantic-esession-in-arteaga-jonathan-beiko-wedding-photographer-6 romantic-esession-in-arteaga-jonathan-beiko-wedding-photographer-7 romantic-esession-in-arteaga-jonathan-beiko-wedding-photographer-8

Location: San Antonio de las Alazanas

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